Grappling Japan: Shoot-Wrestling

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I started in the Mid ‘80s with Jeet Kune Do (concepts) and FMA/Kali, and few years later Thai Boxing under Ajarn Chai Sirisute. My personal interest in (JKD) Grappling was a that time moderate until I got to meet Sifu Larry Hartsell and short after Master Rickson Gracie and Yorinaga Nakamura sensei.

In fact, my BJJ had been influenced by Nakamura-san and the art of Shoot-wrestling at that time, and some concepts still remained until today in my VB teaching/training method, which I pass it to the next Grappling-Generation of the Vacirca Bros. Team…

Shooto (todays‘ Shoot-Wrestling) is an very complete and interesting fight sport practiced around the globe… if you are interested in Shooto, I invite you to contact my very long friend and Shooto expert in Europe Peter Angerer in Reutlingen, Germany, head of the famous German Top Team.
Ous! ~Franco~

Yorinaga Nakamura – Richard Bustillo – IMB Academy Shoot-Wrestling

Ich begann Mitte der 80er Jahre mit Jeet Kune Do (Konzepte) und FMA/Kali, und einige Jahre später mit Thaiboxen unter Ajarn Chai Sirisute. Mein persönliches Interesse an (JKD) Grappling war zu dieser Zeit mässig, bis ich Sifu Larry Hartsell und kurz darauf Meister Rickson Gracie und Yorinaga Nakamura Sensei kennenlernte.

Tatsächlich war mein BJJ damals von Nakamura-san und der Kunst des Shoot-Wrestling beeinflusst worden, und einige Konzepte sind bis heute in meiner VB-Lehr-/Trainingsmethode geblieben, die ich an die nächste Grappling-Generation des Vacirca Bros. Teams weitergebe…

Shooto (das heutige Shoot-Wrestling) ist ein sehr kompletter und interessanter Kampfsport, der rund um den Globus praktiziert wird… wenn Sie sich für Shooto interessieren, lade ich Sie ein, meinen langjährigen Freund und Shooto-Experten in Europa Peter Angerer in Reutlingen, Deutschland, zu kontaktieren, Leiter des berühmten German Top Teams.

Ous! ~Franco~

Published by Franco Vacirca

Martial Arts and Self-defense Instructor since 1989, Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. My goal is to teach Martial Arts the way it was intended to be taught, for Self-defense. I am mainly interested in practical and efficient techniques and concepts; however, I dedicate also extensively time in Traditional Fighting Arts to achieve and maintain strong roots. I teach Jeet Kune Do (concepts), Kali-Silat (blend) and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Zurich (Switzerland) and giving seminars around the globe.

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