About Us

Spanidis Brothers (GRE) and Prof. Franco Vacirca


You are welcome to join anytime one of our study groups or partner-schools listed at www.jjgf.com. Our academy and group leaders proudly represent and take care of the name of our network, whenever offering Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

All network teachers, regularly train together and share important information at the International, National and/or Regional headquarters. Our partner-schools invite our Chief-instructor (Mestre) Franco Vacirca, time permitting, for basic and advanced training and seminars around the globe.

All partner-schools are instructed to use the same “Gracie Fundamental Program” (GFP) provided by the International headquarters. Those attending the study group and/or leading a partner-school are advised to participate regularly in our special Instructors/Trainers training and open seminars, for continuous evaluation and belt/rank progression.

It is always Mestre Franco’s personal decision if he will agree to open with you a new study group. He will never agree if he never has met you personally before. The group must be willing to train regularly together. The group members also agree to support the network by getting for all member-students the annual student-license.

There is NO other entry and/or annual school fee, or royalties, to pay. The annual member-license covers the student belt certification (but not the belt itself). The member-license must be paid on end of November of each calendar year. The annual fee (in Switzerland/Liechtenstein) is CHF 70.-; in other Europe countries EUR 60,00.

Please send your application to