Gracie Instructor Support Video, Week 01

This is the first support-video by Prof. Franco Vacirca for our Network partner-schools, in addition to the new DVD “Gracie Fundamentals” produced by BUDO INTERNATIONAL and available in different languages. Please contact us if you have any question and suggestions. Thank you! Dies ist das erste Support-Video von Prof. Franco Vacirca für unsere Netzwerk-Partnerschulen, zusätzlichContinue reading “Gracie Instructor Support Video, Week 01”

Network Members Structure

The European Network is composed of the following members: Senior Instructor (Black belt, 4th degree and above)The entitled person is also titled “Professor de Jiu-Jitsu” (Bras.), represents in full the network. The person holds at least a 4th degree Black belt under the network. Full Instructor (Black belt, 2nd degree or above)The entitled person representsContinue reading “Network Members Structure”

Our Student Membership

The Annual Student License fee (in Switzerland) is CHF 70.00, and in Germany, Austria it is EUR 60.00 per calendar year and person. In other countries, such as Italy, Spain, Russia, and Greece, it is EUR 50.00, and in countries like Brazil and North Africa it is EUR 40.00 per calendar year and person. ItContinue reading “Our Student Membership”

Our Dojo Rules

Respect the Dojo, the Teachers and Members. Keep an Open Mind. Be forever a Student. Leave your Ego at the Door. Help your Training partners, whenever your help is asked. Do not take yourself too seriously. Do not be afraid to look like a rookie. Everyone has different reason for study; this must be respected.Continue reading “Our Dojo Rules”

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