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Greetings everyone!

Today I am contacting you regarding the private lessons with me, because this looks like the following due to the COVID situation:

A large part of the members would like, even after a possible reduction of the COVID-19 measures, to continue to stay with me in private lessons. Some of them are alone, in pairs or in small groups (3-4 people); the price per lesson remains the same.

Prices are a bit cheaper for lessons that take place during the week, in the morning and during the day. From 5pm they are more expensive and around 10pm I finish in the evening!

The duration of a lesson is as follows: Children/youth 50 minutes, adults 60 minutes. In between I take a break of about 30-45 minutes to prepare for the next group/lesson.

For adults in small groups, we can also do up to 90 minutes, but there is an extra charge here.

The prices below are only for members of Gracie Zuerich and Kung-Fu students of Sifu Mike Felder. Visitors pay an extra charge of CHF 50.- per lesson!

The prices are valid for ALL age groups. No family discounts. No other reductions, etc.

Please always bring full Gi and t-shirt so we can train Gi or Nogi, depending on the topic. Gi is either white, blue, or black (solid color)! No shorts, rashguard, wrestling shoes (barefoot only), ear protection, etc.

Ladies’ chest protector recommended! If the groups are mixed (men + women) then please also wear the groin protection (m/w)!

Always follow COVID protection rules! If you have a cold, stay at home! Always take the temperature at the entrance and sign-in for the lesson. Always wash feet and hands before entering the tatami (training area). To wipe off sweat, bring a small towel. Bring your own drinking water/drinking bottle; nothing is sold in the Dojo! Waste must always be disposed of at home by the participants themselves.

Registration/cancellation via WhatsApp to +41787246979 – those unable to attend must cancel with me at least three (3) hours in advance, otherwise the lesson will be charged in full.

Lessons are always payable in cash (bring money exactly) on site, with TWINT, or PayPal to

Here are the current prices:
Private/up to 60 min, CHF 120.-/lesson
Private/up to 90 min, CHF 180.-/lesson
Private/Visitors, +CHF 50.-/lesson
*Prices max. 6 persons per lesson, from 7+ person +CHF 50.-/lesson.
*Morning/daytime lesson (MON-FRI, weekly booking) -CHF 10.-/lesson.

Thank you very much and have a good week!
Greetings, Franco.

(Status March 08.2021)

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